About us

Our Business

Sports Clubs Merchandising is an e-commerce site that rewards sports clubs for every purchase of their merchandising products.

The beauty of the business model is that there is no financial outlay for the club and the responsibility of looking after the clubs merchandise is all down to the Sports club merchandising team.

The Sports Clubs Merchandising team have been involved in grassroots sports for over 10 years and is fully aware that the purchasing and selling of club merchandise is a huge risk for sports clubs and can often leave the club out of pocket as they have risked buying a large amount of mugs/water bottles etc and after a year or 2 they are left with boxes full of these items that ultimately get thrown in the bin.

Our business is a print on demand process so not only is it more viable for the club it is better for the environment.

All products are produced in the UK and the turn around time from purchase is around 3-5 working days depending on the item purchased.

Personalisation & Bulk Orders

All of the branded products that we offer can be further personalised with names, and we can also offer discounted pricing for larger orders.

For example, we can supply a bulk order of water bottles for the entire team, with each water bottle branded with the club logo and personalised with each player's details.

The same principle applies for clothing, or any of our products that would suit the whole team or an entire family.

If your club would like more information, please visit our contact us page